Professional Athlete Management

With experience in all major team and individual sports, we help manage your off the field affairs so you can focus on the field. We handle everything from identifying sponsorships, partnerships, and endorsement opportunities to helping you with travel and logistics.


We have years of experience helping athletes to negotiate contracts and we strive to build a relationship that lasts your whole career. We manage all corporate partnerships, sponsorship opportunities, endorsements, and promotional appearances.


As a small company, we are able to provide athletes with the undivided attention necessary to help identify sponsorships and endorsements that align with your personal brand. Our company understands how effective marketing can make all the difference in your career and our knowledgeable team is here to help maximize your off the field earning potential.


Strategic Marketing Plans

We assist companies that have a sports related product that they want to market to a pro-athlete, professional sports team, or college. We help with the direct marketing and develop a strategic marketing plan to maximize the potential of your product. Our organization will also help negotiate and establish profitable opportunities that will help your business grow.

Business Consulting

Our company has the experience and the resources to help build your business. While we specialize in strategic planning and contract negotiations, our dedicated team can also help distinguish your business from competitors, establish revenue-generating partnerships, and help reduce costs by managing productivity and performance.

Corporate Event Marketing

We assist companies in generating exposure and revenue for their events. We create strategies that maximizes both attendance and experience for your event.



Michael Huyghue
& Associates LLC

Michael Huyghue & Associates LLC is a sport marketing company located in Jacksonville, Florida. We help identify strategic partnerships, sponsorships, and endorsement opportunities for both athletes and sports organizations across all major sports.

A lawyer by training, Mr. Huyghue has worked in a variety of roles in the professional sports industry. He is among the most experienced contract negotiators in professional sports and has a broad background in sports marketing.